Handgun Profile: HK P2000SK

The HK P2000 SK is a compact version of the P2000. This pistol is very sleek and attractive and can be found in a number of different trigger configurations. The pistol tested in this review was a .40 caliber DA/SA with the de-cocking lever.

First Impressions

At first glance the P2000SK looks like a well put together pistol. The surface treatments everywhere have interesting detail and offer great gripping surface. The barrel area has the typical HK taper which adds to the visual impact of the gun. Taking the pistol apart is a breeze. Make sure the magazine is out of the pistol and it is unloaded (make very sure of this) and all you have to do is remove the slide release with slight pressure backwards on the slide. The slide will come right off and the recoil spring is captured.

Looking at the internals of the P2000SK you will find full frame rails and a beefy recoil spring assembly. Fittting the recoil spring into the barrel groove almost seems to easy, and putting the gun back together is a breeze.


The first trigger pull in Double Action is a little tough, resulting in low quick first shot placement. Rather than hitting the target in the bull’s eye I was always 6-7” low. This only has to do with my inexperience in shooting Double Action from a draw, and will be cured with practice.  The single action in this pistol is nothing short of amazing, and shooting accurately out of a subcompact pistol becomes easy. Recoil in this pistol is very tame, and it happily fires out any ammunition thrown at it reliably.

My one complaint

The only complaint that I have with this pistol is the de-cocker. It is located at the rear of the pistol ON THE SLIDE. If this thing ever malfunctions and the pistol discharges while you are de-cocking then your thumb will be in a world of hurt. I am sure that this de-cocker has been engineered to be a fail-safe, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.



There is something simply beautiful about the precision with which this pistol was put together. When you look at all the parts and the attention to detail apparent in them, you will understand what makes HK’s great guns, be prepared for a hefty price tag, but it is well worth it!

Photos courtesy of various google image results due to a broken camera.

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