Suppressors: They are like Potato Chips

A friend of mine was visiting, back from work, and brought some goodies to the range. Never mind the Short barreled HK 416 (awesome), FAL, and assortment of other fun guns that he brought out. This one’s all about the cans.

I have found that shooting a suppressed weapon for the first time is just like shooting a weapon for the first time; you want to do it again! Shooting a pistol with a suppressor is quite different than shooting a pistol regularly. The suppressor actually soaks up a lot of the recoil usually associated with the Glock 17 (not that it kicks to begin with) and takes most of the sound out of the shot as well. Using a dry gemtech and 147 grain subsonic rounds the pistol sounded like a nail gun being disconnected from a pressurized hose, but quieter. The big surprise was the blowback. If you are going to shoot a suppressed weapon you better make sure that you are wearing glasses! This suppressor peppered my glasses.

The m4 suppressor seen in the first picture on the HK416 was nothing short of amazing. It makes shooting an m4 (especially a short barreled one) even more fun than it already is and I want one!┬áDidn’t think you could own one of these? Well you can. Be aware that these items, often referred to as class 3, take special licensing and taxes.

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