Gear Review: Microtech Ultratech Katana

Gear Review: Microtech Ultratech Katana


A knife is a very important tool as it can take care of multiple roles. It can be a tool to cut seatbelts or break windows, it can cut bandages or sutures, it can even become a primary weapon if a threat is too close to allow you to deploy your firearm safely. A great knife is one of the mainstays of your gear, can more easily be concealed, and should always be with you no matter what (as long as it is legal of course!!!).  If you have a concealed weapons permit and want the added utility of an automatic knife, you should seriously look at a Microtech Ultratech Katana.

The Ultratech Katana is a limited edition knife from Microtech. This double action design (automatically deploys and retracts) is wicked fast and scary sharp. To make things even more interesting there is a “flood” design on the one sided chisel ground blade that only makes this knife look even meaner.

So why a Microtech? Out of all of the automatic knives I have tested so far the Microtech certainly has a great name, but does it really make a difference? It sure does. The blade on this Out of the front automatic fires the hardest out of any automatic knife I have tried so far, and is rock solid. The overall machining and attention to detail not only makes this a great quality knife, but sure makes it a great looking knife too. The knife just feels “good” in your hand having the right amount of grip and ergonomics to be easily wielded. The blade is functional to a fault and razor sharp. You could easily make this a work or collectible knife and it would not feel out of place being either. The dull end of the knife features a glass breaker/kubaton style pain compliance thorn that is very sturdy and very pointy. I would not want to come in contact with either end of this knife.


Some automatics tend to get very big, but the Ultratech Katana is just the right size for me. It has an authoritative blade while not becoming overly large. The firing lever does not require a large amount of force to fire or retract, but is not easily enough activated to become dangerous. The lever is scalloped giving it plenty of traction for deployment with even sweaty or wet hands. And to make things even better, Microtech stands behind their knives with a full warranty.

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