Handgun Accessories: Galco Holsters

Galco Holsters

Naples gun holsters

There is probably nothing more important to a successful Concealed Carry than your holster. There are a number of different styles of holster, but I would like to focus on two of my personal favorites the Galco Summer Comfort and Combat Master.

Summer Comfort

Naples IWB HolsterThe Summer Comfort is the holster I find myself wearing most of the time when I am not working in the shop. It is an Inside the Waistband holster, meaning the muzzle and most of the slide are tucked into your waistband and being covered by your pants and belt. This type of holster has a few pro’s and con’s but the major points are that an inside the waistband holster is a little more uncomfortable since you have to fit yourself and your gun in your pants, and the holster is usually a little slower to draw from than an outside the waistband holster. If you are a tall guy like me though you will love this holster because it allows you to buy normal size shirts rather than the extra long stuff that makes you look like you came out of a rap video. The Inside the Waistband holster will also tuck your weapon in a little closer to your body, making less of a print in your shirt and thus looking a little more “undercover”.

Combat Master

Naples OWB HolsterThe combat master is an outside the waistband holster that is great for Competition shooting or carrying your gun in your place of business or in your home where concealment is not as important. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of guys can and do carry an outside the waistband holster concealed, but for a tall guy this is exceedingly difficult because you need a very long shirt. The combat master has a nice cant allowing for quick draws and keeping the firearm close to your body again reducing the print of your weapon against a shirt or jacket.

Why Galco?

I really like the way that Galco holsters look and fit. They seem to be a very high quality holster and stand up to a lot of punishment. I will never use a plastic holster on my guns because I like the finish they have on them and want to keep it looking good. A quality leather holster will cost you about $70, so $35 more than the cheap stuff and it will last you forever. The Galco holsters have just the right amount of gun retention to allow for a smooth draw without having your firearm drop out while running. For a full line of holsters by Galco visit www.usgalco.com.

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