Rifle Accessories: Rifled Slug Barrels

Rifle Accessories: Shotgun Rifled Slug barrel

 rifled slug barrel

Your typical Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 series shotgun will come with an unrifled barrel and a bead sight on the front. While this is perfect for home defense, if you are going to take your shotgun hunting you may want to think about getting a Rifled Slug barrel, rather than a hunting rifle.

Rather than buying another rifle with sights to go hog hunting, why not change the barrel on your favorite defensive weapon, the shotgun? A rifled slug barrel will run you somewhere between $130 used and $260 at a retailer such as bass pro shops and will not only buy you rifling, but also a front post and rear sight.

The replacement process is very easy. First you need to take off the magazine cap to the 870 as pictured here:


Then take off the barrel like so:


Simply replace the original barrel with the new slug barrel and replace the magazine cap or extension, and you are ready to go. You now have iron sights or even a scope base in some cases. The rifling in the barrel will make sabot slugs more accurate, as the gyroscopic forces keep the bullet from wobbling too much in flight, just like a tight spiral on a football. This will help to keep your groups down if you are between 50 yards or more.

So rather than spending $350 or more on a rifle without optics, why not spend between $100 and $200 on a slug barrel? The 400 grain slug at 1400 feet per second will definitely do the trick.

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