Handgun Profile: Glock 22 RTF

Handgun Profile: Glock 22RTF

 Naples gun Glock 22 RTF

One of the newest Glock models is the full size RTF which comes in either the 9mm Glock 17RTF or the .40 cal 22RTF which is the topic of this review.

The .40 caliber series of Glocks has long been one of my favorite series of handguns. I have owned both a Glock 23 and 22, and will own a 27 shortly. The Glock 23 that I bought was a second generation that had seen tons of rounds, but still held tighter groups than me. Other than replacing a recoil spring and some magazine springs I never had to perform any maintenance. The Glock 22RTF is an intriguing glock simply because it is a little more playful than the regular glock. The RTF stands out from your typical glock because the cocking serrations in the slide are semi-circular and because of the namesake of the RTF the Rough Textured Frame.

So What’s different?

Just like the regular 3rd generation glock the RTF has your finger grooves and light rail cut out, but instead of having the regular plastic gritty finish it has little polymer cylinders that stick up ever so slightly but create a feel just like skateboard tape would. The grip on this gun is incredible!!! At first glance and feel you will be a little uneasy about pulling the trigger for fear of sanding down your hand, but the Glock 22 RTF feels no different than any other glock except for a felt reduction in muzzle flip and more stability in your grip. I found myself able to go through more rounds than before without having to adjust my grip in any way, shape, or form.

 Naples guns glock 22 rtf

Enough about the texture, how does it shoot?

The Glock 22 with its full size barrel is about as accurate as you would ever want to get. If you don’t have any flyers 5 round groups are easily touching without a rest. The Glock is a wonderfully accurate gun, but where it shines is in its simplicity. The trigger on this gun has a very short and crisp reset. Once the trigger is engaged you will hear an authoritative click that lets you know you are ready for your next shot. I don’t even think that this gun has any recoil, unless you are used to shooting very small calibers. I can shoot hundreds of rounds through this gun without ever feeling them. The gun points naturally and comes up fast on target. Follow up shots are done quickly and with ease. The spent bullet casings pretty much end up in the same spot on the floor every time you pull the trigger, leading me to believe that this firearm is one well-oiled machine.

What about maintenance?

Since all you have to do is depress the slide takedown lever on both sides of the gun, strip off the slide and disassemble it, cleaning the glock is a very simple task. Once you are happy with your job of cleaning the gun just reverse and you are good to go. The only thing you will need to change at some point (1000’s upon 1000’s of rounds) are the small springs in the interior of the gun, which will run you a few bucks. At the same time you will have spent $1000’s in ammunition for your new favorite go to gun.

The Verdict:

While the Glock may not be the prettiest gun out there, it is notoriously reliable. It is one of the only guns that I will carry confidently, because I never had so much as a hiccup. I even once ran rounds that didn’t feed with multiple primer strikes on a different gun through my G22RTF and every bullet fired. Love Glocks or hate them they are one of the finest firearms ever made, and they are a heck of a lot of fun to shoot.

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