Carbine Profile: FN PS90

The FN PS90 is a relatively new carbine design by Fabrique Nationale Herstal. It is designed around the 5.7x28mm round and features a compact bullpup design and a 50 round detachable magazine.

The Round

The 5.7x28mm is a smoking hot round with a really small bullet. Even though the diameter of the round is larger than that of a 5.56 it is shorter. The whole reason behind the design is that the regular copper jacketed round has enough penetration to go through a kevlar helmet at 200 yds. Since the regular copper jacketed round is considered to be armor piercing, the only ammunition commercially available has an A-Max or polymer filled hollow-point round. These rounds expand nicely in a variety of materials.

The rifle

This rifle is so easy to take apart and clean, the only thing I can compare it to is the Glock. You only take out the magazine, take the rifle in half, and take out the trigger pack. The disassembled version can be seen here:

Just take your normal .223 cleaning kit and go to town. The 5.7 is also not as dirty of a round as the 5.56 and the ammunition compares favorably at $25 for a box of 50. Having almost twice the amount of rounds in your magazine equates to a hell of a lot of firepower. Changing magazines is a breeze, just rip one stick out and insert the next. This rifle is completely ambidexterous. You are able to operate the safety, charging handle, and magazine release with either hand. Left handed shooters will also not be pelted with brass, as the rounds simply fall out of the bottom of the carbine.

Shooting impressions

The PS90 is a pleasure to shoot fast and accurately. Just like any assault rifle you really won’t want to spend too much time shooting at greater distances, even though you can. The PS90 really shines in that is has virtually no recoil and you can get a lot of rounds on target very quickly. As assault rifles typically are designed, you can stick the PS90 in a novice’s hands and make them instantly lethal out to 50 yards. Just point and shoot, and you will hit what you are aiming at. The only thing that I would change about the PS90 that I received is the factory sight. Even though the sight does change from white to red depending on the ambient lighting, it is not as easy to acquire as a typical red dot.

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One Response to Carbine Profile: FN PS90

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks to you Walt, now I am spoiled and can just get rid of all my other carbines and assault rifles. This is one heck of a weapon. Unbelievable accuracy!

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